What is WhiteCap Institute?

Our mission is to inspire, motivate, and train like-minded dental professionals to confidently, safely, and predictably restore their patients with dental implant solutions. We are dedicated to promoting exceptional patient centered care.


How Can WhiteCap Benefit You?

Dental Implants have the ability to change your patient’s life. We will help you provide implants on a regular basis, providing greater satisfaction to your patients and yourself. Dentists who preform implant dentistry see a 30% average increase in monthly billings. slide2.jpg

What Does it Mean to be a Member of the WhiteCap Community?

We provide an A to Z solution for dentists, including exceptional training, an online store with discounted prices on implants and supplies, and a full-service lab. You become a member of a community of like-minded dentists where you can network with, and support on another.


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  • "This course is out of this world! Not only are PK and Riley extremely competent dentists, they are awesome people! My confidence has soared after this course because of all the 'pearls' they impart. If you are looking to learn a lot and at a quick pace, this is definitely the course to attend."     

  • "The 3 day Implant bootcamp offered by PK and Riley at WhiteCap Institute was amazing. It allowed me to gain more confidence when offering implants to my patients. I am excited to take the information pearls back to the office. Bobbi was extremely helpful in arranging plans and organizing the course! Thank you all so much!        

                Dr. Kyle Howell

  • "I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to learn and be associated with such an exceptional organization like WhiteCap. I've heard so many wonderful things about WhiteCap throughout my professional career and personal associations, and it more than exceeded my anticipated expectations. I highly recommend WhiteCap and everything they represent and stand for. Everyone should come, both lab and clinical providers alike. 

    Dr. Jeffery White

  • "After being done, if I could re-do anything, I would do the same.  I really appreciate all you've done for us to take this next step!  Everyone was wonderful.  The staff was wonderful and we learned so much!  Everyone was so nice and very helpful.  Don't change anything, it was amazing.  Thank you so much."

    Dr. Cliff Doman (had 3 assistants attend)