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Thank you to everyone who joined our 3/30/2020 webinar on ideal drilling speeds.  If you missed the live session, you can watch the recorded session on our YouTube Channel at

Join Dr. PK Clark and Dr. Riley Clark in their next 1-hour webinar session on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 2PM Mountain Time


PK and Riley will discuss complications that can arise during implant placements and how to address them.  

The WhiteCap Institute is passionate about helping you leverage the free time many of us have over the next few weeks to prepare you to ‘up your implant game’.  Being ready to hit the ground running with implant placements will help you make up lost time when things get back to normal in a few weeks. 

Register to join us using the link below:

"If you have no experience placing implants at all, if you haven’t even touched an implant surgical kit, you can come and by the end of the three days you would be absolutely confident to handle a case and place implants by yourself in your practice. Great bang for your buck; best money I've ever spent."

Dr. Flint Tomlinson

Your Total Implant Solution


"It allowed me to gain more confidence when offering implants to my patients"

- Dr. Kyle Howell